Cerakote H-Series Tech Sheets (heat cured)

Cerakote H-Series Tech Sheets (Heat Cured)

H-112 Cobalt
H-122 Gold
H-125 ICON Grey
H-130 Combat Grey
H-131 Dark Green
H-133 Cross Canyon Arms Green
H-136 Snow White
H-137 Gloss White
H-139 Steel Grey
H-140 Bright White
H-141 Prison Pink
H-142 Light Sand
H-144 Corvette Yellow
H-146 Graphite Black
H-147 Satin Mag
H-148 Burnt Bronze
H-150 Savage Stainless
H-151 Satin Aluminum
H-152 Stainless
H-153 Shimmer Gold
H-155 Taurus Stainless
H-157 Bright Nickel
H-167 USMC Red
H-168 Zombie Green
H-169 Sky Blue
H-170 Titanium
H-171 NRA Blue
H-172 Sea Blue
H-185 Blue Titanium
H-190 Armor Black
H-199 Desert Sand
H-200 Highland Green
H-201 McMillan Grey
H-202 McMillan Olive
H-203 McMillan Tan
H-204 MultiCam Green
H-205 APA Sage
H-208 Wild Pink
H-210 Sig Dark Grey
H-211 BAE Green
H-212 Federal Brown
H-213 Battleship Grey
H-214 Smith’s Grey
H-215 Smith’s Brown
H-216 Smith and Wesson Red
H-217 Bright Purple
H-218 School Bus Yellow
H-219 Gun Metal Grey
H-220 Ridgeway Blue
H-223 Rode Pink
H-224 Sig Pink
H-225 Mud Brown
H-226 Patriot Brown
H-227 Tactical Grey
H-229 Sniper Green
H-231 MagPul Foliage Green
H-232 MagPul O.D. Green
H-233 Benchmade O.D. Green
H-234 Sniper Grey
H-235 Coyote Tan
H-236 O. D. Green
H-237 Tungsten
H-238 Midnight Blue
H-239 Benchmade Coyote Tan
H-240 Mil Spec OD Green
H-242 Hidden White
H-243 Safety Orange
H-244 Bright Pink
H-245 Socom Blue
H-246 Desert Gold
H-247 Desert Sage
H-248 Forest Green
H-249 Nut Brown
H-250 A.I. Dark Earth
H-251 Green Beret Green
H-252 Midnight Green
H-254 Muddy River
H-255 Crushed Silver
H-256 Desert Verde
H-257 Texas Tan
H-260 Standard ACU Green
H-261 Austrian Flat Dark Earth
H-262 Stone Grey
H-263 Foliage Green
H-264 Mil Spec Green
H-265 Flat Dark Earth
H-266 Red Orange
H-267 Mag Pul Flat Dark Earth
H-269 Barrett Brown
H-20180 FS Tan
H-30118 FS Field Drab
H-30372 FS Brown Sand
H-33446 FS Sabre Sand
H-36357 FS Grey
H-7504-8 Matte Brown
H-8000 RAL 8000
H-300 High Gloss Armor Clear
H-301 Matte Armor Clear

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