Government Military

MAD Custom Coating is a dba under FAH Group, which is a CCR Registered government military contractor with strong past performance in the Anti-Terrorism / Force Protection training sector.

Currently MAD Custom Coating is offering our exclusive MAD Operator’s Package. This is a unique offering from MAD specifically designed for Government Military use that allows the operator to quickly camouflage their weapon systems for any environment while maintaining a strong ceramic sub-coat that serves as a protective base-layer providing unparalleled corrosion and chemical resistant properties.

This means that your weapons systems are quickly capable of environment and operation specific camouflage which can be changed with mission changes (quickly and easily). Sound too good to be true? Call us for details.

Generation 2 Coatings (Reduced Visual-IR Signature Detection):
MAD Custom Coating is able to camouflage your weapon systems as well as coat your weapons in the latest signature management technology. This means that weapon signatures are reduced for both day and night operations. These coatings were specifically designed for military operations and can be applied to metallic and non-metallic surfaces. Approved for Government Military use only!  Contact us for a full technical report.

Cerakote sig 556 battleworn spartan worn war torn

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