Law Enforcement

MAD Custom Coating provides custom law enforcement firearms packages for individual officers as well as on a department level.  Please call us for details on how our packages provide increased protection and reliability as well as increased life cycle of your department weapon systems.

MAD Patrol Package:

All parts of the firearm are coated in MAD Black ceramic coating (MAD Custom Coating exclusive).  Our MAD Black coating provides a hard, ceramic, self-lubricating coating that is impervious to chemicals as well as providing strong corrosion and abrasion resistance.  We are also able to coat the frame, rails and internals in MAD Black while the outside of the firearm can be coated in any color.  The MAD Patrol Package can be applied to all handguns, rifles, and shotguns.  Designed specifically with the law enforcement officer in mind.

MAD Less Lethal Package:

MAD Custom Coating can coat and protect Less Lethal Firearms in Safety Orange for immediate recognition by both Law Enforcement personnel and media.  Dedicated Simunition converted weapons can be coated in recognizable “Simunition Blue”, which increases safety when conducting force-on-force training evolutions.  MAD Custom Coating highly recommends dedicated Simunition weapons when at all practical.  Highly personalized and customized weapon systems such as patrol rifles may need to use conversion kit so that officers can train with their own gear and setup.  MAD Custom Coating staff are Simunition Certified Supervisors.  This package is for Law Enforcement and qualified Simulation training companies only!

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