Lifetime Guarantee

Your item(s) will be finished by MAD Custom Coating with the very best care and quality. We are so confident our quality is the best that we offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE and an unconditional warranty against cracking, chipping, peeling and flaking of the H-series (baked on) Cerakote finish. However, with prolonged use, you’re coating will wear. This warranty will not cover normal wear and tear of the item(s). It does not cover any damage, alteration or abuse to the finish from neglect or accident. This warranty also will not cover the item(s) itself against damage, abuse or misuse by it’s owner. This warranty covers the H-series Cerakote as applied by MAD Custom Coating only. We will not take any responsibility for any issues encountered by other companies who may have made the same claims.
If you’re coating ever chips, cracks, peels or flakes your options are limited to a free refinishing of your item(s) by MAD Custom Coating.

In the event of a warranty issue, please contact MAD Custom Coating prior to shipping your item(s) for shipping instructions. Return shipping is at the cost of, and the responsibility of, the customer.  MAD Custom Coating offers a Lifetime Guarantee only on products that MAD has done the Cerakote work on.  We cannot guarantee the work of other Cerakote applicators as our meticulous substrate preparation process as well as quality assurance program allows us to achieve results other applicators can only dream of.

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