Handgun Reliability Package

We highly recommend our Reliability Package for custom 1911s and handguns with tight tolerances. The Reliability Package includes the following: a single color of Cerakote on all external parts and select internal parts, inside the slide and the rail portion of the frame will be coated in MAD Black. MAD Black serves as a dry-film lubricant, which is applied at 1/2 to 1 mil (.0005 – .001) click here for more information about MAD Black. This process will ensure that your custom firearms will retain their proper tolerances and will be amazingly smooth. Cerakote is a very thin coating and is applied at only 1 mil (.001), but on custom handguns such as Les Baer, Nighthawk, Dan Wesson, Wilson Combat, Heirloom Precision, Ed Brown, Colt/Kimber match grade models, etc. we have found it to be restrictive. Most of these firearms have a hand-lapped frame to slide engagement, which usually allows only a 1/2 mil (.0005) for coating. Our Reliability Package was designed to maintain and even improve the performance of custom handguns. We are committed to producing the highest quality coatings in the industry and this includes ensuring your custom firearm operates at its full potential after coating.

Cost – $300

Add 2nd color – $35


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