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MADLand Black – AR Set Cerakote


MADLand Black Camo is applied to the following stripped parts only: Upper, Lower & rail/handguard. Please remove all pins, parts and springs. Otherwise, please choose “Yes” from the dropdown menu under dis/reassembly. Once checkout is complete please ship your project to us.


Product Description

MADLand Black – AR Set Cerakote. Our most popular camo pattern with our most popular color combination. Using MAD Black, Grey & Foliage we have created the ultimate camo not just for looks, but protection and performance as well. All of our MADLand Black camos are base coated in MAD Black, which gives you the best protection and performance you can find from a camo pattern.

**Disclaimer: Each pattern and color is applied by hand. This gives each project a unique look. Photo samples provided are only examples of what the camo can look like. Results may vary.

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