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MAD Custom Coating is a DBA of FAH Group. It is a family owned business, which originated in 1996. We started out providing self defense training with firearms, edged weapons and hand-to-hand combat in the private sector. A few years later we were approached by the U.S. Government to provide training to military personnel. FAH Group had contracts around the world training U.S. Military personnel in anti-terrorism/force protection. Through all of the training we realized that firearms and equipment took a serious beating and were exposed to numerous elements. The firearms and equipment functioned well, but looked terrible. Since the factory coatings had mostly been scraped off the surface, due to training on ship decks and non-skid, the firearms and equipment were now susceptible to corrosion and other elements. We found a product called Cerakote and began testing it on the used equipment. We found that Cerakote not only made the equipment look brand new, but it also provided superior protection against corrosion and abrasion. The coating held up better than the factory coatings!

Before & after Beretta M9

Before & after Beretta M9

Throughout the years, FAH Group has expanded their business. In 2010 we began offering coating services to the public. After nearly a decade of providing Cerakote services in the Pacific Northwest, MAD Custom Coating is now located in Southern California.

Here at MAD Custom Coating you will have your firearms or other items done right the first time. Many of our clients come to us because they had their items coated at another shop and it did not turn out the way they had expected. Some of the problems they had were that their parts did not fit correctly, the coating was very uneven, or flaking/peeling of the Cerakote. In order for Cerakote to function correctly it needs to be applied properly. Many shops simply do not apply Cerakote properly.
We guarantee that our coatings will never flake, peel or crack*. If they do you can bring the items back to us and we will coat them again for no additional charge.

*Depending on the amount of use on your coated items, Cerakote will eventually wear, but it should never flake, peel or crack. Cerakote will wear much slower than other coatings.
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