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MAD Custom Coating remains on the cutting edge of technology for protective and functional finishes. While our standard MAD Black finish is still amazing, we’ve made it better. We now offer MAD Black Plus. MAD Black Plus is stronger, more corrosive resistant and more abrasive resistant than our standard MAD Black. It also does not require any oil to operate! That’s right, you can operate your MAD Black Plus parts oil free! This is one of the reasons why we now coat our AR15 bolt carrier groups in MAD Black Plus. MAD black Plus reduces friction and has self lubricating properties (dry-film lubricant). Here are some of the specifications for MAD Black Plus:

– Lasted over 5,000 hours in a 5% salt spray test (ASTM B117)

– Lasted over 8,000 cycles in an abrasion test (ASTM D4060)

– Has a coefficient of friction that rivals Teflon (ASTM D4060)

– Exceeded a 9h pencil hardness, which is the highest level on the test (ASTM D3363)

– MAD Black & MAD Black Plus are also extremely flexible as there was no coating loss at a 180 degree rotation (ASTM D522)

– Impact resistance exceeded 160/160 inch-lbs, which is the highest level on the test (ASTM D2794)

MAD Black Plus vs. NP3, NP3 Plus, Melonite finishes, TiN, NiB-X and Micro Slick

First of all, there are many names for “Melonite.” It is often referred to as Black Nitride, Nitride and Tenifer. There are many other names for it, but those are the most common. For the sake of this article, the term “Melonite finishes” encompasses all of the above mentioned terms as well.

MAD Black Plus is over 100 times more corrosive resistant than nickel boron (NiB and NiB-X). MAD Black Plus is over 50 times more corrosive resistant than NP3 and over 5 times more corrosive resistant than NP3 Plus! MAD Black Plus is more than 10 times more corrosive resistant than Titanium Nitride (TiN) and Melonite finishes.

MAD Black Plus is self-lubricating and does not require any oil to operate. NP3, NiB and Melonite finishes still require oil to operate properly and to keep from corroding. However, we do recommend using a very light coat of oil when you can, although, it is not necessary for proper function. The light coat of oil only increases the longevity of the product during use.

MAD Black Plus is applied at only 0.5 mils (0.0005 inches) in most cases, but can also be applied at 0.25 mils. This means you can have MAD Black Plus applied to almost any part you can think of and it will not affect tolerances. MAD Black is typically applied at 1 mil.

MAD Black & MAD Black Plus can be applied to any substrate except for rubber. We can apply MAD Black to any type of metal including aluminum, steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, etc. It can also be applied to plastic, polymer, G10, Micarta and wood. NP3, NP3 plus, Melonite finishes and TiN can only be applied to ferrous metals.

MAD Black & MAD Black Plus can withstand temperatures over 500 degrees fahrenheit without failure.

MAD Black Plus makes your parts easy to clean. You can simply wipe them with a clean rag or spray them down with Brake Kleen. MAD Black Plus is impervious to chemicals & solvents including acetone, gasoline and 5% HCL solution.

MAD Black Plus is NOT able to be used in camos and patterns. It is a solid color application only. While our standard MAD Black can be used in camos and patterns and is the best base coat for those types of applications.

Do you have a “go bag” or “bug out” gear? MAD Black Plus is the perfect solution for firearms and items that need lubrication and are stored in a place ready to go. Now you never have to worry about keeping your parts oiled again! Get your parts coated with MAD Black Plus and don’t worry about oil maintenance!

We sell the best BCG on the market. Our Enhanced BCGs are 100% manufactured in the USA. Our MAD Black Plus Enhanced BCG is designed to reduce the carrier tilt & cant during recoil while operating your AR15. It also increases the reliability of operation by strategically relocating key friction surfaces. The enhanced carrier has fewer points of contac, which results in less friction. Pair that with our MAD Black Plus coating and this is the ultimate in friction reduction. The slight increase in carrier mass extends the dwell time and ensures proper gas pressures for reliable extraction. Here are the specs:

– Case Hardened 8620 steel M16 profile carrier

– Carrier has MIL-STD-171 hard chrome bore

– Mil-Spec tool steel carrier key

– Carrier key is attached with Grade 8 hardware and properly staked per Mil-Spec

– Bolts are case hardened 9310 steel

– All bolts are shot peened per the current Mil-Spec

– All bolts are Individually High Pressure Tested (HPT) and then Individually Magnetic Particle Inspected (MPI)

– Tool steel extractor, shot peened, fitted with a Mil-Spec black extractor spring insert and Mil-Spec Viton o-ring

– Mil-Spec firing pin made of 8740 steel, center-less ground & hard chrome finish

– Cam Pin is hardened 4340 steel

– Mil-Spec firing pin retaining pin

– Carrier, bolt & extractor are all coated in MAD Black Plus.

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