What is Cerakote?
What is Cerakote?

We’ve been living and breathing Cerakote so long that we’re always surprised when someone asks the question, “What is Cerakote?”. Cerakote has been around the gun world since the mid-1980s and is probably the most popular gun finish on the market. Why do the gun manufacturers (and the general public) prefer Cerakote to every other option available? Well, the short answer is that Cerakote outperforms and out-protects virtually every other product. We use the word “virtually” to say that there may be a product somewhere or currently being developed that may work better but we are not aware of it at the time of this writing.

What is Cerakote?

What is Cerakote? Simply explained, Cerakote is a composite epoxy coating made with a polymer-ceramic. Remember that Ceramic is an extremely hard substance. The end-result is that Cerakote can be applied to any hard surface; meaning that we regularly apply Cerakote to plastics, metals, and even wood. After a surface is coated in Cerakote, it becomes corrosion resistant, abrasion resistant, and chemical resistant (there are many other protective properties as well). The folks that make Cerakote (NIC Industries) have put this coating through a battery of ASTM tests, many of which can be viewed on our Cerakote page. These tests put Cerakote up against other popular coating options and all of them come up deficient in many areas, while Cerakote performs superb in every category.

Cerakote is available in over a hundred different colors and because it was originally manufactured for the gun industry, where tolerances matter, it achieves this amazing protection while applied at only a mil of thickness (one thousandths of an inch)!

MAD Custom Coating works with many manufacturers that are now using Cerakote for their products and applications. We currently work with industries as diverse as Medical Equipment, Theme Parks, Vapes, Outdoor Industry, Apparel and Accessories, Construction, Automotive, and the list goes on.  Send us samples today and see what you’ve been missing.

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